Anton Makon


Every day, the human body is potentially subjected to a multitude of dangers. In vehicles of the highways, air, oceans, and rivers and seas.

In disease-affected areas and among contagious people. In habitats, especially, the kitchen, and wherever you happen to be if transmittable or endogenous illnesses have already taken hold.

Yes, the human body is almost constantly being threatened: any progress made with survival over possibly many years being jeopardized in seconds if the circumstances ‘fit.’

Survival is still paramount.

Survival is still paramount. Always has been. Always will be. The dangers that were confronted by prehistoric human bodies may have been different to the ones confronted today, but, to endure, to fight (to ultimately, only transiently, overcome) an enemy which, until it manifests is normally, barely, apprehended, is the optimum which can be achieved; as if an omnipresent body (everything that is not human or at least of mere human invention and design) is conspiring against the other (the somewhat less ubiquitous homo sapien one).

In addition to the ones within the predicaments above, Anton Makon writes about these bodies within their apparently self-contained, dangerous, worlds. Apparently, and dangerously, because they interact. Compete with one another. Fight. Bodies, beings, too which challenge life. Rebel against their limitations. Struggle to transcend. Bodies which combat circumstances brought about by inadequate socialization: Anton Makon seeing all this as inspiring. A plentiful source of plentiful poems, a few of which can be seen on the following pages.

Sample Poems

Lady Vulgarity

Lady Vulva
her damp frenzy
in dark luminal physiology of night
her bulb light

Lady Vulva
her arm tender
with ferocity of pleasure
lover’s might

Of This Earth

we walk through fields of lava
detonations from either side of a meagre path we created in a dream and
scarily tightrope unfailingly on
burn concrete
conflagrate us
conjoin an ashen state


Walls of bone and skin. Doors opening onto unseen trenches hiding inside bathrooms. Wars between dead cells and grainy powders of renewal.